Sunday, March 8, 2009


When we were babies we couldn't do much else besides cry, wet our diapers and sleep. But we moved. This is something that all of us did and continued to do more of as we grew older. I remember my parents always playing music in our house and my siblings and I would bust out our sweetest dance moves. If I could go back in time and watch I am sure I would faint in hysterics at our creativity. This vital part of my upbringing taught me coordination and rhythm and the love for music. Those moments were my stepping stones to reaching my passion for dance in all of it's genres. Anyone who wants to, can dance-they just have to move to a beat, with music, or something that pulls you out of yourself to create beautiful shapes and sometimes unique and distorted movements. It can even be silence. Something that inspires us to share something so deep that the only way to communicate it is through the movement. As some people are talented to speak using words, others are talented to form moving sequences of motion that describe a story and pull emotions from the observer. As anyone can learn to be a great speaker, so can one learn to be a great dancer. Move and let your body communicate what your heart is feeling. That is the beginning.


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