Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Children and dancing-just my opinion

Okay so I will probably get a few negative comments with my opinion on this but really-Why spend money on classes for children under 5 when all you need to do is turn on some fun music and dance with your kids yourself??? Seriously-you get an exercise as well plus you get to find out how creative your kids are. Some dance classes are closed-which means they don't like parents to sit and watch. This way you actually get to watch your kids dance and spend quality time with them. Please don't put your youngster in a dance class to brag about their talent. I get really tired of hearing how someone has danced since they were 3 and so they are a talented dancer. If you see that your child has a natural movement to music and feel they show potential-please go ahead and put them in technical training classes when they are 8 maybe 7. This is the best age to start your children in classical ballet and really they won't be behind. This is the age where they can safely train their bodies and also they are a bit more mature to handle the repetitive motions that come with that training. But dance classes for kids under 5 are usually creative movement classes and are for just fun. I would put my kids in it for the sole purpose for them to have fun with a group of other kids-but they can get that playing a day at the park with friends. Now I am not telling you how do be the best parent for your children and you are going to do what you want anyway. But here are a few things that I hope you will listen to:

Please don't give your children false hopes by making them think they are a prima ballerina when they aren't yet. Please tell them they can do anything with alot of hard work and dedication!

Please don't pressure your kids to do dance because it's what you wish you could have done or it's something you love or because it's something "all" girls do. Please tell your child you love them no matter what they enjoy doing and give them the freedom to choose.

Please don't suffocate them with lessons and activities. Please allow them time to relax, rest and be a kid without constant scheduling.

And above all-Let your Kids be Kids!!

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