Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving = exercise

Since the last time I posted my family increased by 1 and I wanted to share the news with you. After three daughters, we finally have a boy in our household. He is close to 4 months now and still growing-he's about 20 lbs now..HOLY MOLY!! So with this addition to the famiy-there is always an additional weight that is gained in the process. This last pregnancy I gained 45 pounds. I have aleady lost 30 of it and am working on getting the last 15 off and after that hoping to knock off another 15 that was still lingering from daughter #3. My sister teaches Zumba and I have recently had the opportunity to work out with her on her last visit and I can just tell you that it is my new favorite exercise. Since I have done alot of Ballroom dancing and modern dancing-the movement came really easily to me. It's exercise and dancing! The best of both worlds right? I just hit up Youtube daily and do me some Zumba everyday-and since starting it-I have already lost three more lbs in two weeks!! I'll take it!! So if you are in need of exercise and love to dance-Zumba just might be for you!

Here is some of my sister's zumba workouts: follow the leader samba
here is another of my favorites too waka waka

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